Thursday, 16 November 2017

Penguin information report

Information Report

The adaption of the Penguin
Adaptation is where an animal gets comfortable where it is living and being able to survive. Adaptation takes a lot of time to get use to, like living in a new territory , with food and animals around. But a cold desert is different from other desserts that you can see. A cold desert has many mountains of ice and snow. There are different types of animals that you see living in the Arctic. For example, polar bears, seals, artic foxes and penguins. They have adapted to their environment successfully so they can survive.

Cold desert
A cold desert is where there is lots of mountains of ice and snow. The average temperature in the Arctic is -34 degrees Celsius. A cold desert is a place where people can not live because it is very cold and you would need a lot of special equipment to wear to be able to survive. But some people stay in the Arctic for scientific reasons like exploring how the temperature is like.

Penguins live in the arctic.These birds are a lot different from average birds. Penguins  live in places where it is very mountainous and icy. They are flightless but they are excellent swimmers. In able for them to swim their wings are shaped like flippers so they can dive into the freezing water and search for food that they need.  Penguins have blubber so they can keep warm in the arctic. But they can keep themselves warm by their dark colours. They also have to be streamlined so the drag doesn’t slow them down.  

One of the animals that have adapted in the arctic are the Penguins. Their body temperature normally stay active. Penguins bodies are streamlined to reduce drag in the water. How Penguins have adapted to their environment is by their thick skin and their fat also known as blubber. Penguins stay in groups or huddle together to keep each other warm and protect so no animals or enemies can eat them down. Penguins have a really weird way of hunting down their food. The Penguin who is front will be pushed by a group of Penguins into the water. Then the rest of the penguins wait till the penguin that has been pushed to come back. If the Penguin comes back from the water then it’s safe to hunt but if the penguin hasn't come back up, then the penguin would be eaten so that means it’s not safe to hunt in the water.

To conclude, A cold desert is an Arctic place that is very mountainous with ice and snow. The Arctic is where Penguins have adapted to their environment. They adapted to the Arctic by their blubber or known as fat because it helps them keep warm from the arctic breeze. Penguins have to be streamlined so the drag doesn’t slow them down while they are waddling or searching for food. Penguins have adapted to their environment by their thick skin and their blubber. So I think that Penguins have successfully adapted to their environment in the Arctic.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Growth mindset VS Fixed mindest

Growth mindset
Fixed mindset

Fixed mindset is when a person doesn’t believe in themselves and easily gives up. Their afraid to try new things because they think that they are going to fail. They blame others for their failures. They don’t like to improve or change their failures. They hate to take on challenges and avoids them.

Growth mindset is when a person likes to take on  challenges and never gives up. The person wants to keep going and believes in themselves. They like to try new things and is not afraid of failing. They try to improve better and achieves their dreams.